Owning a Small Business

Metamorphosis: Changes at Annie Rose’s Sunshine


This summer has been particularly hard for me. I had big plans for my business and my home, but many of my projects are still either waiting to be started or have been put on the back burner incomplete. It feels as if life is moving at a much faster pace than I can keep up with. Maybe it’s that I’m trying to take on too much too soon, or the fact that many unexpected things have been happening which keep slowing me down. The last six months have been extremely challenging to say the least in my personal life, but I am determined to keep moving forward even if it is at a slower pace than what I had planned.

I have been working for a long time now to expand my business. I have finally opened my eBay store, and I am gradually adding several items at a time every few days. I sold my first item on eBay last week which was extremely exciting despite an issue with the order (I will write a separate post about this soon). In addition to eBay, I was accepted into Amazon Handmade. I almost have my Amazon Artisan Profile finished and will be ready to add my handmade scarves just in time for the holidays. In my Etsy Shop I’ve decided to focus more on vintage items with some handmade items. Some of my Etsy items now include free shipping or free shipping with a $35 or more order. The one thing that I would say I have learned about this entire process is count on everything taking longer than you expect. Whatever time frame you set for your goals, multiply it by three. You will then have a more realistic timeline of meeting your goals, and when you accomplish something early it will give you more momentum to keep going.

As life throws me curve balls, I’ll continue making lemonade.

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