Handmade Infinity Rope Scarves

Introducing Fourteen New Infinity Scarves to My Etsy Shop Just in Time for Christmas

Today has been a super busy day. I listed fourteen new crocheted infinity rope scarves to my etsy shop. Here are some pics:

My scarves are handmade by me in my smoke-free, pet-free home studio. I finger crochet each one, rarely using a crochet hook. Each scarf is made of one long crochet chain creating a rope. I then create multiple loops by making a winding cuff of the same yarn around all the strands to hold them together. I keep each scarf a certain size with the help of a board that my husband, Ricky, made me so each one is measured appropriately before finishing. I have different size boards so I can choose how long or short to make each scarf. Each one takes three to four hours to make depending on how many strands of yarn I use, the texture of the yarn, and the size of each strand. What I love most about my scarves is that they can be worn indoors and out. They are the perfect weight to keep you warm with or without a coat. They add a unique look to any outfit. Most of my scarves are OOAK (One of a Kind), meaning you will not see another person wearing a replica.

To go directly to the scarf section of my Etsy shop click here.

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