My Morning in Pictures

This morning started out like many others. I got up, did my morning routine, checked on the animals, and then decided to sit on my front porch while it was still cool and the sun was not too bright. My porch friend I’ve decided to call Ruth (I’m assuming it’s a female.) came to visit me with her baby. She moved fast, so my photos are not the best, but they are good enough to see what she looks like. She comes out to say hello every morning when I sit on the porch. I have no idea what type of lizard she is, but she’s been living on my porch for quite some time and is a lot of fun to watch.

My porch friend I’ve named Ruth.
Ruth is cautiously watching me as I move in closer with my camera.
Ruth decided she’d had enough with the photo shoot and quickly ran away.
Ruth’s Baby . He/she quickly climbed into my cactus as I started snapping photos.

As I tried to snap pictures of the baby lizard, I found that a wasp has taken up residence in my cactus.

I think this is a Paper Wasp, but I’m not completely sure.

Based on it’s posture, I decided one photo of the wasp was enough and let it be. And after such a scary photo I thought a friendly gnome pic sitting amongst my potted petunias was warranted. 😉

My gnome

It was warmer this morning than it has been the past few weeks. After relaxing on the porch, I did a walk through my garden. It is still producing, but most of my vegetables have died back. I’m still picking tomatoes and okra, and the stray cucumber. My sweet potatoes are still blooming as well as my blue potatoes that I planted late. My orange mint has went to seed as well as my variegated basil.

Sweet Potato bloom

As I was photographing my sweet potato bloom, I caught a bumble bee just as it flew out of the flower. If you look closely in the above photo, you can see the it down inside the bloom.

Bumble Bee leaving my Sweet Potato bloom.
Sweet potato vine growing amongst my orange mint.
Tenderette Green Bean plant has decided to start blooming again.
My favorite tomatoes and best producer this year. They are the perfect size for slicing and adding to a salad.
This tomato has split from the heavy rain last night, but it’s still good for eating.

I had to photograph some of my girls.

Meringue. She is a Silkie Easter Egger (a new cross breed)
Millie. She is a White Plymouth Rock.
Olive with a dirty face. She is a Splash Blue Ameraucana.
Ginger, a Bielefelder.

Ginger is quite the climber. She walks up and over our fences while flapping her wings. I’m hoping this changes once she is full grown and has a heavier body. It has been quite challenging keeping her out of the garden.

English Sussex chick.

We are raising a flock of English Sussex chicks for dual purpose. Once big enough to leave the enclosed chick coop, they will be moved to my parents until we find another piece of property. Because some of them will be raised for meat, I am not naming them.

A random pretty weed.
My zinnias, still blooming strong.
Muscadine Grape Leaf. Tendril behind the leaf is creating a neat shadow.
Muscadine Grape vine.
Muscadine Grape Tendril
Muscadine grape
Muscadine Grape
Pampas Grass plume.
Jing Okra Blossom
Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory
My favorite morning glory because of it’s bright pink and purple color.

After walking through the garden, I took a walk through my front yard. I’m starting to see the slightest hint of Autumn color.

Fire Nandina

The next several photos, I took just for fun. I liked the texture.

Pine Bark
Dwarf Alberta Spruce

I have been searching for a really cool cobweb to photograph for Halloween. I’m still looking, but I did find this one.

Reflection from the sun hitting the dew on my Loropetalum.
Loropetalum leaves.
Loropetalum flower
Rose cluster

I wish I had noticed the shadow when I took this next one, but the sun was getting pretty intense.

Rose just starting to blossom.

And I saved my favorite photo from my morning photography session for last. 🙂

Morning dew on Rose

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