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Election Integrity, Stop Georgia Fraud

This is going to be a short post. I have not blogged in many weeks because the only thing I want to write about is what is going on in our country and how I feel about it. I do my best to abstain from writing anything political on this blog. But I can no longer be silent. I am deeply saddened and burdened by what I see going on in our country right now. I see people’s freedoms being taken away that are given to us in the Constitution by radical Socialist leaders who call themselves Democrats. In multiple states people are being told that they cannot have Thanksgiving. It’s ABSURD!! And the worst thing that is going on right now besides COVID-19 and people dying is the fact that we CANNOT TRUST our Elections now. If you watch real legit news and have been paying attention to the press conferences, than you know the integrity of our election process has been violated. If there was ever a time to speak out and stand up for right and wrong the time is now. The integrity of our elections matter. There has been fraud in multiple states. You can see reports of this across multiple news media and platforms. I encourage you to listen to news and people who have standards. Listen to the people making the allegations that have good reputations and integrity. In other words, you cannot trust the mainstream media or mainstream popular social media. They are silencing and censoring conservative voices. Even individual personal accounts are being censored and or shadow banned. I have been censored and shadow banned on my personal social media accounts. Every American should be outraged by this blatant censorship. And we should be outraged by the election fraud. No matter which way you voted, it matters that censorship and election fraud is so prevalent. You cannot have freedom with either. And that is something that should matter for every American.

I am going to end my post with this. Contact your representatives about the Big Tech censorship. Contact your representatives if you are concerned about election fraud. That is what I am doing. If you don’t know who your representatives are it is easy to find out. Just do a search on the internet. If you are in Georgia, you might also want to look at the lawsuit and petition that has been filed regarding the election fraud in Georgia here: https://stopgeorgiafraud.com

I may continue to update this post, possibly add news, etc.

UPDATE 11/25/20: I just got through listening to an interview on The John Fredericks Show with guest Attorney Lin Wood that I believe is very important for people to hear, especially if you live in Georgia. He speaks about the corruption and fraud. Find it here: https://bit.ly/3qcRLSG

Update 11/29/20: While everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon, there was an attempt to destroy evidence of the VOTER FRAUD in GA under the guise of updating the software!!

Visit https://defendingtherepublic.org to see evidence.

Update 12/16/20: Must watch documentary: https://www.ntd.com/2020-election-investigation-who-is-stealing-america_540191.html

Update 01/04/20: Podcast, Fireside Chat with Lin Wood #4 on https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/business-podcasts/lin-wood-fireside-chat-4-is-jeffrey-epstein-alive-can-vice-president-pence-be-trusted-100-irrefutable-evidence-of-industrial-level-election-fraud/

01/17/20: https://www.infowars.com/posts/q-anon-bears-striking-resemblance-to-bolshevik-psy-op-from-1920s-known-as-operation-trust/ AND https://www.ic3.gov/Media/Y2021/PSA210115

Report wrong. Share Truth. Be Kind. Be respectful. Think critically. Know Facts. Use Discernment.

I am praying all is made right,


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